Popular celebrity watches

bradd pitt watch

It is well known that celebrity endorsement is huge for watch companies. If Leonardo DiCaprio or Rihanna is seen wearing your new model, you just won the jackpot. It’s a big deal, even for established companies like Rolex. If they want to stay on top, they need to remain cool , and celebrity endorsement is the best way to keep that status. What are the most common watches amongst celebrities? Let’s find out! Read more

Internet Neutrality : Pros and Cons

Net neutrality

Since the very beginning of the Internet era, neutrality has always been a topic of choice for those who like to speculate on the future of the web. On one side, there’s those who pretend that the neutrality concept no longer applies to the modern reality for reasons we will cover below. On the other side, there’s those who pretend that neutrality is necessary for the net to remain impartial and free. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Read more

Pierre Karl Peladeau joining the PQ

Pierre Karl Peladeau and Pauline Marois
Notorious businessman Pierre Karl Peladeau with the Prime Minister of Quebec, Pauline Marois

After months of speculations about whether or not he would get into politic, PKP finally announced sunday that he will be representing the Parti Quebecois in the april 7 elections in Quebec. The former CEO of Quebecor Media and chairmanship of Hydro-Quebec’s board since last april was denying his candidacy after he went on a trade mission in Europe with Pauline Marois. Read more